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Stitch Alchemy and a Paper Cloth Giveaway

I haven’t seen Kelli Perkins Stitch Alchemy yet, but over a year ago she honored me by asking for a few of my artworks to include in the gallery section of her book.

I can hardly wait to see her work in book form, as well as check out my pieces inside!

Kelli also has a DVD available: Stitch Imagery: From Photo to Fabric Fun.

The description of the DVD states:

Create whimsical fabric paintings from your own photos; no skill required. Turn a snapshot into a quick watercolor collage, then print it on fabric with Bubble Jet Set® and your inkjet printer. Learn how to add interest with bleach discharge, ripped layers, stamping, and foiling. Pump up the juicy color with textile paints and oil pastels. Add the magic touch with free-motion thread sketching, and your stitched image is ready for use in quilts, purses, pillows or other mixed-media projects. No experience necessary!

Oh, and by the way, enter Kelli’s What’s in a Name Giveaway right now to elicit names for cloth-paper. My entry was PAPERTEX (for paper and textile. I rejected PAPERTEXT for its literary associations).

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