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Stitch Alchemy

Kelli Nina Perkins has some serious alchemy going on. Her blog, Common Life Into Art, demonstrates how she has taken her everyday, “common” life and transformed it into art that sizzles with color and vivacity (Kellie would use the specialized term “oomph.”)

Perhaps you’ve connected with her (“stopped to gab”) at one of her “Open Studios”  at various International Quilt Festivals. (By the way, if you are interested in the organization behind these festivals, you can download the Winter 2009 issue of IQA Journal.)

Maybe you’ve seen her on Quilting Arts TV doing her thing with Pokey Bolton (don’t miss her “What the F.O.K.” story). While in the studio, she also taped a Quilting Arts DVD: Stitch Imagery: From Photo to Fabric Fun. Here’s a “taste” of that DVD.

Lucky me, being a fellow (female equivalent?) librarian and artist, because Kelli requested that I send her a few pieces for her upcoming book, to include in the gallery section. Needless to say, I was honored. I was in the midst of getting ready for a solo show, but I dedicated a few days to making several new pieces. I can hardly wait until Stitch Alchemy: Combining Fabric & Paper for Mixed Media Art hits the bookstores. You can pre-order it, right now, at and

I just received my artwork back in the mail, along with a package of KNP delights, from the Queen of Stitch (for indisputable proof of that statement, check out this tiara.) I am now the proud owner of some of the infamous Spoonology artyfacts.

They are très élégant, dahling.

A très élégant gift from Kellie Nina Perkins

A très élégant gift from Kelli Nina Perkins

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