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Still On the Wall, But a Little More Contained

The picture I am presenting here is not the best photo– it was taken late in the day, with my little digital camera, of this piece hanging on my living room wall. But it does demonstrate the direction my work is currently taking.

I started out with a collage, which included parts of a painting and elements cut and torn from various sheets that I print after playing with designs in Photoshop Elements. I stitched an allover pattern into the collage, then painted the result. That’s how I ended up with Purple Heart.

I now want to see how far I can take these stitched painting/collages. I also have many ideas for different ways I want to play with the mattes. The matte is made exactly like a CPQ (Cracked Paper Quilt). My husband, Ted, constructed the shadowbox frame for me.

I am mailing this piece to Southampton Art School, where I am teaching a course called Art Book Adventure, from July 25 – July 27, 2011. The Southampton Gallery wants an example of my work that is relevant to the course. Viewing an art journal in an  art gallery is a little tricky, so this artwork shows a page from one of my journals, along with a matte constructed much the same way as I create covers for my journals.

A brave heart has a spillover effect: in its presence, others find courage, too. …………………………………………….~ Carol Wiebe

Purple Heart, with handmade matte and hand painted frame

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