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Still Another Attempt at Reconciliation

These last two pieces are my favorites in the  Reconciliation series I created:

Reconciliation 9

Reconciliation 9

See all the paths, forming patterns: the patterns that we use to communicate with each other, to share who we are, to smooth over differences. Sometimes they are at odds. Sometimes they cross over each other. Sometimes they move in tandem. And sometimes, they shine out of the darkness like lighthouses on a rocky shore, creating such bright beauty that we have to simply close our eyes and give thanks for the presence of every person who has come into our life.

Gratitude for someone’s presence is the highest form of reconciliation. Even if a person has hurt us, we can be grateful for what they taught us. It’s not an easy path, it could even be called a radical one, but the rewards are beyond measure.

Our souls will blossom like a flower in the soil of gratitude.

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