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Steeling You For Revelation

David Whyte is not a typical poet.

He performs his readings to share his own writing, which will stir your soul, and the poetry of others, which he finds inspirational and expects others will too. Actually, he knows from experience that they will, because Whyte has been bringing poetry to the corporate world for decades, and challenging people to deepen their understanding and practice of the work they do.

He thinks this is essential for deriving meaning and satisfaction from this major aspect of our lives, the work we are engaged in. 

Letting Revelation Trickle In

The Lightest Touch Good poetry begins with the lightest touch, a breeze arriving from nowhere, a whispered healing arrival, a word in your ear, a settling into things, then like a hand in the dark it arrests the whole body, steeling you for revelation. In the silence that follows a great line you can feel Lazarus deep inside even the laziest, most deathly afraid part of you, lift up his hands and walk toward the light. ……………~ David Whyte (Everything is Waiting for You)

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