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Staying True To Yourself When Things Begin to Unravel

I am always anticipating miracles, she announced.

One of his eyebrows raised slightly. What do you mean?

You know, happenings that can’t be explained by the rational mind. He couldn’t read her look.

What other kind of mind is there? He wondered if the air of mystery that had first attracted him was really a psychological condition about to erupt.

Oh, c’mon, she chided him. Do I really have to spell it out for you? Love, is a miracle. Sunshine dappling the sidewalk through the tree branches is a miracle. 

OK, he said, plainly relieved.

And the shining being peering above your left shoulder, she added, is a definite miracle.

Can you describe this being? His voice sounded shaky.

It’s more a sensing than a seeing, she confided.

I think we should leave this restaurant, now. He signalled the waitress for their bill.

Don’t worry, she told him. I won’t embarrass you. But my spirit has been telling me you are NOT the one for me, and I was just testing to make sure it was true.

This is your way of breaking up with me? He was angry now. By pretending to see something ridiculous?

No. Her voice sounded wistful. I do sense and sometimes even see things that others often don’t. I wanted to find out if that was OK with you. Clearly, we see the world very differently, and trying to have a lasting relationship with you would be ridiculous.

He threw down his napkin and walked briskly out of the restaurant. She stayed to pay the bill, and demonstrated her gratitude by leaving an unusually generous tip.

Keeping It Together

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