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  • Carol Wiebe

Staying Power


I wonder how many people have a crystal clear picture of how they would like their lives to be. Apparently, some people do, and claim that if we can visualize exactly what we want with perfect clarity, it will happen that way.

I have a clear picture one day, and the next a whole new scenario shoves it away with sharp elbows and says, “No, look at me.”

Both ideas look good. Now start multiplying to get 4, 16, 256, etc. You get the idea ~  and that’s precisely the challenge of having a LOT of ideas. Of course, many come knocking on the cranium at 2 a.m. to vie for my attention.

Maybe becoming clear is not the point. Maybe it’s enough just to enjoy watching the ideas catch fire and see which ones have the most staying power. (Like the densest log in the wood stove, which turns into a lattice work of glowing embers dotting the black charred wood like fluorescent pearls.)

Starting To Catch Fire

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