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Sometimes the Answer Is a Sandwich


What are you doing? He was taken by surprise, coming upon her sitting so quietly by herself.

Nothing, except ignoring some of the negative stuff going on inside me. She shifted a bit, but didn’t get up.

Like what? This wasn’t easy territory for him.

I don’t want to give it undue attention by talking about it. She couldn’t help it if he felt pushed away. She had to do this.

Why don’t you watch TV, then, or read a book? Take your mind off what you don’t want to think about? He could always find practical, doable solutions.

Because I am trying to practice maneuvering around what I don’t like, in order to access the good stuff. She wasn’t going to even consider how that sounded.

So you’re ignoring your thoughts, but paying close attention at the same time? He didn’t think he was the one who was thoroughly confused.

Something like that. I think I need to learn how to relax about the disheartening stuff, just let it sit there and not stir it up, you know? And then flow around it and into the pure, clean, wide expanse of possibility. She actually smiled when she said that.

Now you sound like the ocean. He was surprised at the sudden burst of energy she displayed with that last statement. And her smile, though not directed at him, was dazzling.

Yes! Once you’re in the ocean of possibility, you are in a place where you are supported by waves of energy. You know, with utter conviction, that you have the power to achieve the longings of your heart. She definitely was starting to experience a positive surge.

I’m going to go make myself a sandwich. Once they got into discussing longings, he always craved slapping something between two pieces of bread and smearing on lots of mayo to glue everything together.

Many Drops make An Ocean

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