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Some Things Are Best Left Buried


I always wanted to do something significant, she said.

Like what? he asked

That’s the problem, I was never sure what. Still don’t know. There was a deep wistfulness to her tone.

We’ve had three children, we’ve been married far longer than most. Isn’t that significant? Significant, for him, was something you could see and touch.

Of course, she reassured him. But those are personal gifts to me. I wanted to give something amazing to the world.

Why is that important? He was puzzled now.

I want to be caught up in something ~ watch it catch fire, multiply, awake people’s passions, sweep us away in a giant wave of energy and excitement. There was a glow on her face.

Like sex, you mean? He grinned, thinking he understood now.

Never mind, she told him. Would you like a cup of tea?

Some Things Are Best Left Buried

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