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Some Strange Goings On

Strange things have been happening on my blog lately. Posts that were already sent out to subscribers have been sent out again. (I subscribe to my own blog so that I know what is sent out and when.)

Posts that I made private within seconds of publishing them have been sent out almost immediately. “Press This” posts that I have asked to be drafts have been published publicly.  My attention has certainly been piqued. I wonder if anyone else has experienced similar anomalies. No, I am not yet ready to seek therapy for digitally induced hallucinations. These ARE happening.

Hopefully, you have not been taken aback by several error messages due to these strange goings on.

On the good news front, last night I gave a presentation at The Royal City Quilters’ Guild in Guelph, Ontario and enjoyed myself tremendously! That done, I am eager to share my passion any other chance I get.

#Ontario #Canada #errormessages #Guelph #TheRoyalCityQuiltersGuild #presentation

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