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Some Kinda Wonderful

My husband Ted (remember the man who doesn’t call himself an artist?) surprised me today. He really shouldn’t, not because it is wrong of him to surprise me, but because he does creative things constantly. Maybe it is something like the startle reflex, which I can’t seem to prevent from happening. The surprise reflex is a great thing to keep experiencing, however. Life is some kinda wonderful when you have people like Ted in your life.

I thought he was just cleaning the garage. However, he was experimenting with concrete. He had a small amount of leftover concrete mix,  so he placed a leaf on a shoebox, then poured the concrete over it. This is what he brought me just before lunch:

Concrete Leaf by Ted Wiebe

Concrete Leaf by Ted Wiebe

It is his first experiment before designing and creating a fireplace, or a cement countertop for our ensuite. Both interest him. He envisions a project, and once he can see it, he can make it. If I haven’t done so already, let me explain that Ted has a knack for making and fixing things. I have been the fortunate recipient of his ingenuity and generosity for quite some time now.

It looks rather like a fossil, and is about the size (yes, you already figured it out) of an average shoebox. Let’s see if you can guess why it has rounded corners.

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