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Some excellent suggestions and why they haven’t worked for me

I mentioned yesterday that I was trying out a felt glue. As it turns out, I probably won’t need it.

Shirley commented that I could try heavy gel medium or a heat activated adhesive. I have tried a few fusibles, and they just don’t work for me. They create  a layer of plastic between the paper and the felt. Some of these layers are thicker than others: MistyFuse is very thin and probably my favorite of those I’ve tried.  However, I like the fact that there is only paper and felt on the top layer (sometimes a thin fabric layer, as well) of my pieces, and that the many holes that my machine needle makes become conduits for the paint, gesso and liquid medium that I apply on top. They seep in and bond with the felt.

When there is a layer of gel medium or fusible glue under the paper and on top of the felt, it is basically the paper that is absorbing  most of the paint and medium. I apply a LOT of paint and medium. Nothing significant happens for me until I have a few layers to play with.

I do not want to be closed minded, however. I’d love to see a few samples from Shirley’s work. She is an enthusiastic Cracked Paper Quilt maker, at this point, and I respect what she has learned and experimented with. She has, of course, the prerogative  to use whatever methods work for her.

Luckily for me, I don’t need those products between the paper and the felt. I enjoy the free-motion sewing, and because I do it so closely, it provides a bond that will not let go, even with a lot of wet work, is flexible, and easy to sew through by hand later, if I so choose. It is much harder to add hand work if there is a fusible layer between the paper and the felt.

OK, Shirley ~ there’s my rationale. I’d love to hear how that sits with you. (Or anyone else, for that matter.)

Back of another stitched piece in progress, with a little atmosphere thrown in.

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