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  • Carol Wiebe

So Much Choice, So Little Time

I look at that title with consternation, but I’m going to let it stand. You see, I’m trying to look at time differently, to be less obsessive and protective of it, to flow into the time I have and refuse to waste it by worrying that what I want to achieve needs more of it. Somehow, my consciousness has registered that time needs befriending, that it reacts unfavorably to an adversarial approach. This may sound like I’m personifying time, but I’m trying to appreciate it’s true nature (more personifying!). Time can be very elastic. You can be in one place and imagine yourself so vividly in another, that it seems you are in two places at once. Maybe, in some significant way, you are.

Written in Stone ~ by Carol Wiebe

So what do these musings have to do with art? I’m so glad you asked. As I said, I’m attempting to flow more with time, and as I loosen up and do that, everything else loosens as well. I tap into another way of thinking, of being, and time loses its relevance, clock time, that is. I may come out of such a session with great surprise at either how much time I spent, or how little, but in both cases the artwork I produced is very intriguing to me. I study it carefully to glean an understanding of where it came from, what it’s saying to me.

I don’t think our experiences are written in stone (the name of my piece above). They have more malleability than that.

Doo, doo, doo, doo. Sound somewhat mystical? I hope so . . . because that’s the territory I enjoy traveling in. Tell me about your experiences with time–your struggles, your triumphs, your understanding. I am VERY interested in your take on this.

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