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Snail Mail Still Delivers

I hardly send a letter anymore; email has ruined my postal patience. Sending a letter is excruciatingly, and not very trustworthy. The Letter carrier’s code has gone awry.  I have also become reliant on click-able links to add interest to my missive.

But snail mail still delivers a few things that email, as yet, cannot. Parcels, for instance. All my online book purchases and DVDs arrive in my mailbox. And my magazines. Every time a package arrives, I grab it and put it aside until I have savoring time. Time to prepare and pour a cup of tea, grab a favorite chair and really examine my gift to myself. It’s a personal ritual that brings me great joy, and which always conjures up that childlike Christmas feeling.

The other day I heard the doorbell and sprinted to the door (delivery people often have no patience for dawdlers). The delivery man was actually smiling, and did not seem to be in a hurry. It was as if he understood the significance of the package he was handing me. And it was significant. For one thing, I  had not ordered  it ~ it was sent by Carla Gordon Kurt, as a free gift.

This wrapped gift was inside the delivered package.

I was fortunate enough, you see, to be one of five people who noticed a pay it forward offer that Carla made on Facebook. What really gave me a jolt of incredulity, however, was the fact that her painting included a number of symbols that have long standing import for me: a crow, a house, windows, the moon. (I may not be alone in my use of and fondness for these symbols.)

Message ~ by Carla Gordon Kurt

The crow is holding a bright object in his mouth that matches the woman’s earring. Her intense gaze shows the connection between them. The windows look as if there are constellations shining within them, and the moon is peeking out of the round window at the top of the house. The roof is covered with music, and my heart was singing as I took in all these details.

Isn’t it lovely? Thank you so much, Carla!

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