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Sometimes you expect a giant eye to peek through an opening in the sky. That’s why I called it a skyhole.

Or maybe it’s a giant “I” that is being glimpsed ~ that infinitely larger part of myself that I intuit and often wish I could live up to more of the time.


Then I turned the skyhole into wallpaper, orange wallpaper. I am not even pretending this should make sense. I don’t know why I think I have to. Perhaps to prove I am sane?

The Sky Has Turned Orange

Really, it’s just because in a progression of images that took 3 hours and that has 42 permutations, the wallpaper was one of the results. See? I DO make sense. I’m just MESSING with you (or myself, possibly both).

And here’s another variation:

Two Black Squares

Perhaps I have been sitting at the computer too long.

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