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Singular Or Just One In a Crowd?

I created a piece I call “One in a crowd” and snagged my thinking on that phrase.

Just One in a Crowd

Sometimes, we feel we are nothing but part of a crowd. At other times, we are grateful for complete anonymity.

And being singular? Standing out can be exhilarating, but as the stars complain, their singularity attracts both good attention and bad. Fans may be supportive, or rabid. Paparazzi can cause embarrassment, or may be deadly.

I have met many singular individuals, who have no need to be famous, or desire to be noticed. They live rich lives (whether or not they have riches), and don’t mind melting into the crowd.

Money is a singular thing. It ranks with love as man’s greatest source of joy. And with death as his greatest source of anxiety. …………….~ John Kenneth Galbraith

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