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Sheri Gaynor’s Creative Awakenings

I’m going to share my review here, as well. It needed to stay under 250 words, which made it tough, because I had a lot more to say, including the fact that Gaynor’s processes closely resemble my own personal methods of artmaking. She also echoes my passion for empowering others to embrace their creative possibilities. The thing is, she does it with such verve! It brings to mind the vintage Carol Burnett shows, where Carol pounds on her chest and emits those exuberant (some might say deafening) Tarzan calls. You must possess a certain confidence to pull off something like that.  Sheri also displays that aplomb, and it beckons like a beacon to like-minded souls.


Creative Awakenings honors the twelve months of Sheri Gaynor’s life when she ran away from home in order to recover her “authentic self.” She wanted a creative awakening, so she both imaginatively and physically embarked on a journey that would encourage personal transformation. Gaynor now offers a map for others to employ as a guide for discovering, or heightening, their own creative powers. The journey starts with a threefold assignment to (1) uncover and EnVision a dream (2) create empowering art to strengthen your intention to follow that dream and (3) reflect on your art to invite a dialogue that elucidates and deepens the dream.

Gaynor invited guest artists to embrace the process she developed, and they are amazingly open and generous in sharing the experiences of their assigned month, including art techniques. The book closes with a vibrant, pullout Transformation Deck to help tweak the subconscious into revelation mode.

I highly recommend this book to those Feisty Females out there who are ready to kick up their heels, shout “Wooo Hoooo,” and stomp all over the “Venomous Toad Committee” that always has pins poised to prick their dream bubbles. Gaynor is right on the trail with us, spurring us on. You cannot miss the shine glancing off her vibrant cowboy boots, or the invitation she is holding out, for a life filled with passion and purpose.

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