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Sharon Cummings Speaks Abstract

That is her language. Can you “hear” it?

If you study her paintings, I have a feeling you will either love them, or hate them. I, for one, think they are fabulous.

ASCENSION by Sharion Cummings (Used with permission)

Sharon is quite capable of creating a representational painting, but:

I would get so caught up in getting it “right” that any imagination and creativity went out the door. I got A’s in college for figure drawing, still life, etc. My technical skills were very good, but those types of paintings did not “feed” my soul.

So how did she assuage her hungry soul? She searched for a challenge and found it in abstract art. Rather than painting recognizable objects, she utilised colors, textures and shapes to create moods and feelings.

Once I let go of the idea that everything had to be perfect and look like something, my soul just opened up. I thrived with bright colors and bold brush strokes. I enjoyed using one color on a white ground. Simple black and white pieces gave me a sense of accomplishment that no green tree in the meadow ever could.

Abstract painting has stimulated Sharon’s 6th sense:

I don’t sketch anything. I don’t practice anything. I just paint .  .  .   My only thoughts are, Let’s see what happens. And I let the creative force flow.

If you are shaking your head and wondering how this could possibly work, here is the zinger. Sharon has sold over 1,500 paintings since she took her work online.

FINE LINES #2 by Sharon Cummings (Used with permission)

One thing Sharon has in abundance, besides sales, is confidence. The Fine Lines series, she tells us, are:

the most beautiful pieces I have ever created. And I have painted thousands of paintings. Beautiful color blends and line after fine line create work that is beyond words. The camera simply did not capture them. I deliberately excluded close ups. When you unwrap one of these, I want you to say “Wow”!!

I do say “Wow,” Sharon. I am thrilled about the fact that following the dictates of your spirit has brought material success.

More places to see Sharon’s work:

Artist photo

Yessy Art Gallery

The Painter’s Keys

Etsy which includes pics of how the work would look “in situ.” Sharon is obviously quite amenable to whatever orientation of her art works for you.

She’s listed in a Squidoo lens called Top 25 Abstract Paintings (by artists who are alive and kicking) by Gabrielle Cerulli, who is an expressive art therapist. This link may introduce you to other abstract artists you have not previously enjoyed.

Painting, like music, has nothing to do with the reproduction of nature, nor interpretation of intellectual meanings. Whoever is able to feel the beauty of colors and forms has understood non-objective painting. (Hilla Rebay)

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