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Shadows and Symmetry

I am drawn to shadows: I often take a picture of an object or a person’s shadow, rather than the source!

I also enjoy symmetry. It is fascinating to see what happens when objects are mirrored; it is my favored way to make art papers for collage. To my way of thinking, every piece of art paper should look like a finished design, even though it will probably be combined with other papers. I get more options that way: I can choose any part of the symmetrical design, put the mirrored sections in different parts of my quilt, or use the design as it is, with other papers. In every choice, it is as if the “wholeness” of each art paper transfers that quality into my finished quilt design, gives it a kind of integrity that would be harder to achieve with bits and pieces that lack a context.

What follows is a simple shadow photo, followed by Photoshop Elements fun where I produced symmetrical designs.

The original shadow photo

Shadow design 1

Shadow design 2

Shadow design 3

Shadow design 4

Shadow design 5

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