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Seemingly Serene

Before I went to work today (running a school library), I took a quick look at my mail and saw the notice of a comment from my talented friend, Elena Ray.

This prompted a visit to her site, where one of her recent works, Sacred Architecture, burned its way into my retinas and my brain. I kept seeing after images all day.

In between class visits to the library, where I sang “Aiken Drum” and assembled a silly man in the moon out of pictures of food (much to the delight of my students), and during my lunch, I kept writing lines of poetry regarding pagodas and light, and the impact they had on the surrounding darkness. I continued adding more lines after getting home, and now have pages of scribbled words, but no coherent whole has come out of it.

While this mental storm is brewing, I sit and stitch. I continue to work on my new journal pages. To anyone watching, I seem serene.

Another Journal Page 1

Now you know better. (Especially if you see me drop my needle, grab my pen and compose lines at breakneck speed.)

P.S. Lucky people who live in California or are able to travel there, have the opportunity to see Sacred Architecture, and so much more, live at  True World Art Gallery beginning May 13, 2011.

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