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Seeing Beauty Where Others May Not

I found Shayla Perreault Newcomb‘s name while visiting Contemplating the Moon. Cyberspace is a constantly unfolding phenomenon, and reading her beautifully crafted artist statement revealed why her name shone on my her-izon:

My paintings tell the story of our journey through an internal landscape with the human as the subject and the landscape as metaphor. The square is a symbol for the physically sound. The circle represents spiritual balance. I’ve used them to show what we count on for guidance and motivation during our journey. It takes effort, even struggle and that is why three is chosen. Three is at once tension and resolution. The three symbols are always before the landscape destination, serving as a foundation for the journey. Trees offer sanctuary. They have a complex system of roots that keep them nourished and grounded. Set as the destination they illustrate our intentions and the comfort of attaining such a haven.

Shayla enjoys the chase afforded by an intriguing question, such as “Is it true that artists are often able to see beauty where others don’t?”

If forays with my camera are any indication, I’d have to say yes. People look at me so quizzically as I shoot photos that I sometimes laugh out loud. Obviously, my subject matter would not be their choice. A surprising number of people feel prompted to question my aesthetic out loud, which I find fascinating. And every once in a while, I see shining eyes and a smile as they take in what I see, and tacitly agree that it is worthy of capture.

Shayla’s portfolio, which you can view at hidden place studio, attests to beauty she has seen, and translated onto canvas.

A few extra links:

The question about beauty was prompted by Shayla’s reading of one of Dr. Elaine Aron‘s books.

One of Shayla’s mentors is Jeanne Leblanc Mullin, who says:

My artistic approach is based on the idea that a complete view of the universe can be found in small fragments of reality.

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