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There is little room for the sacred in our culture.


There is little room for the sacred in our culture. People who have visions or “visitations” from “another realm” are often considered mentally unstable, delusional, and are derided rather than cherished for the perspective their experiences have afforded them. Perhaps you are questioning my sanity right now, for suggesting such things might even be in the realm of possibility.

How would you respond to a friend who claimed to have been visited by an angel, communed with God, felt the unity of the universe course through their being or been provided with unshakeable, inexplicable knowledge they had never before been aware of?

“Have a nice day.”

“I have a few requests you might pass on for me, if you see God again.” Ha, ha.

“Have you had your medication dosages checked lately?”

“I could recommend a really good therapist.”

“Stress manifests in different ways.”

“OMG, can I have your autograph? Do you have a book coming out?”

“Would you be willing to share your magic mushrooms?”

“Please tell me all that you can about what you have experienced. The mystery of the universe has always intrigued me, and your story sounds fascinating.”

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