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Rogers is cramping my style

We canceled Rogers TV, and when they came to “unplug” us they messed up our Internet connection. I managed to write this post on someone else’s computer, but will have to add my posts after our connectivity is restored.

When we called Rogers, we were told they would send someone to check out the situation in 5 days. There was little concern for our concerns. PR training might be in order, unless, of course, it is just the corporate culture. Then, it really won’t help.

Rogers has definitely cramped my style.

UPDATE: A very friendly technician came and checked things out today, and it turns out that our line was in bad shape. It just happened to conk out at the same time as the TV was turned off, although part of the problem was that the splitter wasn’t removed when the TV line was. Something like that ~ it’s obviously not my area of expertise.

So the manager on the phone, who was quite rude and disinterested, was NOT a good representative for the company. The technician, on the other hand, was friendly, gave understandable explanations, and apologized for any inconvenience.

This experience is a reminder that when someone is talking to you at work, you are the one who determines what that person thinks of the whole enterprise you are employed by.

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