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Repurposed Art

Cyndi Lavin asked a question this morning on her blog Layers upon Layers (Now BlissTree):

Do you spend time shooting elements for later use too?

I had to leave a comment, which went like this: Oh my, YES! I can hardly take “ordinary” pictures any more. I’m always thinking of line, texture, shape, colour for future artwork. And like Christy (whose work I really like, by the way), I take pictures of my own work in various stages to also use in future work. It’s like the mirror in the mirror, it keeps going on forever. When you “repurpose” your own work, it’s much like a color that looks completely different beside other colors. And you can take any small piece, and produce a whole design out of it, or make different design papers for collage. Thus, any one piece can instigate a myriad of others. It makes creating a series such a fascinating journey!

Design paper from embroidery on a friend's shirt

Design paper from embroidery on a friend's shirt

And Tammy, over at Women, Art, Life, had more of her incredible quotes: they always get my blood flowing a little faster. Read the angel poem she found, by Judith Roche, and I’m sure you’ll be hungry for more. Right now, I feel like painting angels!

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