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Quilts Incarnate: a Solo Show

It’s official!

I will have a solo show in the gallery at Greenwood Quiltery October 3-31, 2008. The opening is on Saturday, October 4th, and I’ll be there from 2 until 4 pm. I named the show Quilts Incarnate, and being a writer and teacher, I felt the need to include a subtitle, explaining what my title meant (sigh). So, are you ready for this? Quilts Incarnate: celebrating the evolvement from conception to manifestation. It will include a range of mixed media art quilts.

I am captivated by that process of conceptualizing, imagining, and where it comes from. A gift from the universe? God? the angels? My own brain? A combination? A mystery? But once that concept has been conceived, ah, then comes that totally absorbing, joyful, crazy, wonderful process of bringing it into manifestation. One could say manifeastation, because it is much like preparing a feast, for the eyes, mind, and spirit. But process doesn’t quite cover it; there are so many! Art processes, in mixed media, cannot be explained in a moment, and then there are all those delicious things happening in your body as you manifest the piece. Hands are working their magic, so many gestures, so many moves, but the whole body is involved. And the mind! The mind is sending off synapses like firecrackers, and the spirit is glowing like a sun, or at least a moon.

As I said, process really isn’t adequate, and evolution provided another word ending in “ion,” which is good in terms of forming a trinity (one of my favorite symbols) but rather awkward to say (All those sh sounds at once probably give away the fact that I’m also a librarian). Hence, I chose evolvement. It’s a word that makes you think, and slow down. E-v  o  l  v  e-ment.

I have now employed three paragraphs to further clarify a title that may already be too long.

My main point is, you are invited! Celebrate with me! Celebrate creativity (which is evolvement from conception to manifestation). Clever, eh? (I’m Canadian). I snuck it in again; snuck it in like a woman with a suitcase-sized handbag who comes down a narrow aisle in an airplane, with the weighty weapon swinging from her shoulder on your side.  

I shall stop and change the subject. In reference to the little bags I used to make, here is an example:

Amulet bag, cotton, embroidered, beaded, crocheted elements, clay elemnt

Amulet bag, cotton, embroidered, beaded, crocheted, clay element

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