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Princess Bubbles Tells Off Her Inner Critic

Today I went out for a latte with my dear friend Angela. She is an artist whom I met at a fabric painting class four years ago, taught by the inimitable Gunnel Hag. Angela and I hit it off right from the beginning, and have been getting together ever since. Our usual topic of conversation is (you guessed it) art. We share opinions insights about art books, magazines, works we have seen, or shows that we’ve attended. We display our latest creations and assure each other what utterly amazing artists we are.

A few months ago, July 5, 2009 to be exact, Angels started her own blog, Princess Bubbles Creates.

Angela explains her blog name with typical humour:

I live with a lot of testosterone and that’s why I came up with the goofy, girlie name for my blog! I have a wonderful husband and three terrific sons! But they are guys! I’ve learned to live with them! I’ve even learned to like action movies. Well, maybe like is too strong a term. . I’ve never thought of myself as a girlie girl. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I was a tree climbing tomboy when I was growing up. I do have my moments though. I own two tiaras that I wear when I am making art. Believe me when I say nobody in this house gets that. I also own a large shoe collection-most of them are pointy toed, four inch stilettos. I love them and have thought about wearing them while making my art but I would be crushed if I slopped paint on them. I’m as passionate about my shoes as I am about my art!

I can testify to the pointy, stiletto heels. Angela looks sensational in them.  A huge lover of bling, Angela also owns quite a number of purses that would fit that description. One of the things I love about A (which is how she signs her emails), is her over the top exuberance. When you go out with her you have FUN. And, she is generous to a fault. What she has and knows, she shares.

Recently, Angela’s work was included in Creative Ways with Books and Journals by Sue Bleiweiss and Terri Stegmiller.

Journal Cover ~ by Angela Grasse

Angela was ecstatic:

Having my artwork accepted for publication means that someone else likes my work.  It means I am not a complete hack.  It means that I’m not the only one who thinks my work is beautiful.  Oh happy day I can tell the inner critic to shut up!

This is a perfect example of how wonderful it is to be recognized and validated by others. One can argue that it should not be necessary, that we really have to provide our own validation, but it takes a huge confidence to keep creating without any visible sign of support.

Support and encouragement are gifts we can give each other. Of course, I’m sure Angela would agree that you can feel free to add fabric, paper, or favorite art supplies to your congratulations and they will not be refused. Just remember the bling factor as you are making your choices (think shiny and showy and you can’t go wrong).

It’s all about the generosity I mentioned earlier ~ a generosity of spirit that rejoices in the success of others. Angela’s happy to do that, but now it’s her turn to bask in the  spotlight (I can hear those stilettos dancing).

A tip of the tiara to you, Princess Bubbles.

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