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Playing With God’s Eyes

That sounds like a dangerous title.

In reality, though, don’t we all want to be seen? And if we can catch the eye of the creator of the universe, we suppose that is a good thing, don’t we?  Or are there aspects of ourselves we have fooled ourselves into believing we can hide, that we definitely do NOT want exposed?

Big questions.

It’s amazing what comes up while you are just sitting and fiddling with the creative process.

Playing with Ojo de Dios to create more shapes/symbols

Yesterday, I showed the results of experimenting with other symbols/shapes in one of my paintings, but didn’t get to the Ojo de Dios yet. Job done (until I open the file again).

#fiddling #OjodeDios #shapes #experimenting #CWWOL20110507 #Godseyes #symbols #bigquestions

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