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  • Carol Wiebe

Playing Games

I don’t want to play games with you, she said.

What? No chess or monopoly, no scrabble? He looked downcast, then winked at her.

No sarcasm or suspicion, no having to compete with each other. She pulled out the Scrabble board.

I don’t want you to let me win Scrabble on purpose, he said.

She sighed. This is important to me. If I can’t just relax and be myself when I’m at home, I will probably go insane.

OK. What if I am unhappy about something. Don’t you want me to be honest? He wasn’t winking now.

Of course, but honesty doesn’t have to be cruel. She put down the first word, KNOWS. That S is on a triple letter square.

He used the K to put down KINDNESS.

Wow, that’s quite a start! She started adding up his letters.

You can count on me for this, he told her. Oh, and that’s a triple word score.

You are wicked. She smiled and reached across the board to squeeze his hand.

Playing Games

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