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Playing Bingo


I’m having a conversation with myself that goes something like this:

1—So what was that with yesterday’s post?

2—What do you mean?

1–It sounded accusatory, ya’ know? Like, you’re not as spiritual as you think you are, you’re just wearing a mask.

2–Isn’t that true?

1–Maybe, but, aren’t you all about realizing that we are so much MORE than we usually think, that we’re powerful beyond measure if only we realized what we are capable of?


1–How do those two fit together?

2–Just because we’re powerful doesn’t mean we’re perfect.

1–OK, I’m listening.

2–When you see life as a game, full of theatre and adventure, you enter in with joyful abandon and expect amazing things to happen.

1–I’m liking this . . .

2–But it doesn’t mean you’re perfect. That’s an ego thing, having to wear a mask of perfection so others will think you are “highly evolved.”

1–Hmmmm, so play the game, but don’t act like you’re a “Grand Master.”

2–Exactly. Unless you are.

1–In which case, it won’t be a mask.


Another Entity

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