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Pelvic Doorway

I have some paper quilts in Katie Pasquini Masopust’s new book, Inspirations in Design for the Creative Quilter.

Inspirations in Design for the Creative Quilter

I took a class from Katie PM in 2009, where she challenged me to add 2 more works to a piece I created there and produce a triptych. I did so, and the triptych made the cut for her book. Pelvic Doorway is a paper quilt. I followed Katie’s designing methods for the first quilt, which were great fun and produced fabulous results in the class. However, I used my own techniques to create the actual quilt rather than employing Katie’s piecing methods. Not only was she a good sport about it, but she was very open to hearing about my techniques. Katie is all about trying new things, and putting her own stamp on them.

Pelvic Doorway is on page 28, along with intriguing quilts by Carolyn L. Olsen, Jan Kopf and Jane Munsell.

Page 28

Katie emailed to inform me that the book was coming my way, and snail mailed a copy with this message:

Katie says "Enjoy!"

This is a close-up of my work, scanned from the book:

My triptych alone

Thanks Katie! I love the book, and am honoured to be part of it.

Katie’s website is well worth checking out, especially her gallery section. Just in case you haven’t heard, Katie won the Quilt Japan Prize for her quilt Con Brio-With Spirit at the 2011 Quilt National.

I have returned to my painting roots, working with acrylics while listening to music. These paintings are then translated into quilts that feature the original artwork as a centerpiece. The flow of my brushwork and the colors and patterns of my fabrics are the notes floating in the air.……….. ~ Katie Pasquini Masopust: artist statement for Con Brio-With Spirit

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