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Passionately Curious


I have HUNDREDS of drafts over at Silverspring Studio that are languishing, and I am wondering what to do about them.

When things catch my eye, or ear,  I like to register them on my computer. Silverspring Studio has been my depository of choice for quite a few years now.

I wonder if a really good analyst could spend a few hours at my computer and figure out way more about me than I’d want them to.

On the other hand, maybe I ‘d be intrigued that someone was that curious! I’d definitely want to engage them in conversation: what interested them? Why? What are their passions?

I’ve always had a good ear for people’s passions.  I hear them. I want to know MORE.

I dug things up. I was curious. I liked to draw what I found. ………~ Mary Leakey I have a notion that if you are going to be spiritually curious, you better not get cluttered up with too many material things. ………~Mary Oliver I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. ………~Albert Einstein

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