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  • Carol Wiebe


You know that feeling of being so full of emotions that you are going to burst if you don’t give it an outlet? It’s being close to tears and laughter at the same time.

It’s having an elevated sense of energy, with your whole body vibrating  and your thoughts expanding.

It’s wanting with an ache you don’t know you can survive, yet you feel so very alive.

The other night I couldn’t sleep. I kept getting up and writing down lines that popped into my head. Each time, I’d glance at the clock, the hours of wakefulness devouring my sleeping time. However, a message wanted to come through and that is a gift I appreciate, any time of the day (or night).

Arrival ~ Mixed Media Painting by Carol Wiebe



When Inspiration swoops

dissolving all

resistance in its grasp

the familiar cacophony    of

doubt simply



She marvels how

her heart can execute

a beat    or she can negotiate

her feet     and then

her third eye    (the truest

of ocular instruments)    lifts

its brow like a floodgate ~ and

insight surges through.


You will never hear her

say she fears being

overcome     in fact

there is nothing she wants more

and she would not hesitate    to

sacrifice both food and drink

to swoon with such

a paramour.


Inspiration feeds another


of hunger.


© Carol Wiebe

#thirdeye #Arrival #insight #Inspiration #hunger #energy #MixedMediaPainting #emotions #paramour

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