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Paper Lovers Can Wear Their Favorite Material

The Fashion Spot features a forum on Paper’s Place In Fashion History that, as a paper lover, I found quite fascinating.

Japanese paper clothing (Kamiko) was, according to this site,  made in the Heian age from 194 – 1185 AD.

Aimee Kligman displays another beautiful paper shirt in an article on her site, Victoria Paper.

According to a brochure by The Paper Place in Toronto:

Best known in Japan as a food, konnyaku–or Devil’s Tongue Root starch–has also been used for centuries to make kamiko (paper clothing). Applied to washi paper and worked in by hand, this starch aalows you to add wonderful textures, strength and durability.

I am itching to apply konnyaku to different kinds of papers and see what kinds of results I get. In the meantime, there are some wonderful modern paper clothing examples to be inspired by. These are actual wearable examples:

House-Wear makes a line of clothing from soft structure Tyvek.

Jum Nakao‘s paper clothing (unbelievable). (See it on COÛTE QUE COÛTE, as well)

Anita Bath wrote a post on Toilet Paper Clothing.

Visual Culture lets us in on  RRRIPP!! Paper Fashion, “the outcome of an investigation on paper clothing, a long-forgotten but very popular phenomenon in the United States at the end of the ’60s.”

Diane Pernet does her take on paper clothing.

Here’s an article from Interview Magazine: Clothing Doesn’t Grow on Trees, which mentions the The MoMu Fashion Museum in Antwerp, Belgium:

Beginning with a collection of almost 400 paper dresses from the Atopos collection, PAPER FASHION focuses on the use of paper and related materials in modern and contemporary fashion as well as ancient Eastern practice. From Pop art to political campaign slogans, the paper dress was universal. The concept of paper fashion even stimulated the textiles industry to seek out alternative materials that looked like paper, but which offered more possibilities. MoMu’s PAPER FASHION brings together the most remarkable of these creations, including designs by Hussein Chalayan, A.F. Vandevorst, John Galliano, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dirk Van Saene and Issey Miyake, among others.

That’s all for now, but I must say that my mind is venturing beyond the paper quilt into new paper territory. Perhaps I could start with a paper vest, or hat . . .

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