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Open Your Hands to the World


Love Knot

It’s too easy to just play it safe, to try and keep things quiet and serene. The spirit feels caged by such an attitude. Mary Oliver understands this.


This morning two birds fell down the side of the maple tree

like a tuft of fire a wheel of fire a love knot

out of control as they plunged through the air pressed against each other and I thought

how I meant to live a quiet life how I meant to live a life of mildness and meditation tapping the careful words against each other

and I thought— as though I were suddenly spinning, like a bar of silver as though I had shaken my arms and lo! they were wings—

of the Buddha when he rose from his green garden when he rose in his powerful ivory body

when he turned to the long dusty road without end when he covered his hair with ribbons and the petals of flowers when he opened his hands to the world.

………..~ Mary Oliver

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