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Ojo de Dios

This painting started with the collage I posted on March 29.

Stitched Collage

My printed papers provide a treasure house of collage elements for reassembling into new configurations that often result in happy surprises.

I painted over that stitched collage. You can see how the paint and printed images interact.The painted portion is about 21″ wide, 17 ” in length.

Ojo de Dios

The title came from that little section that reminded me of a God’s Eye made out of yarn.  Ojo de Dios is is a yarn weaving and a Huichol spiritual object:

The four points that result represent the elemental processes of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Zelaya states that: “the ‘Eye of God’ design is sometimes included in larger flat weavings as a reminder of the power of holistic unity that is central to Huichol beliefs, but this is not the same as the actual Cross made for each child.” The sikuli is well guarded through the person’s life as a talisman of spiritual protection, health and well being and may be used by the individual or by shamans in healing or other rituals.

I took a photo of the “new” painting, and brought it into Photoshop Elements. Rather than list all the changes I made, I’ll let you find them. The most challenging aspect of using PE is integrating your changes into the rest of the image with seamless transitions. If the changes are difficult to spot (other than a few obvious ones), then I have succeeded.

Ojo de Dios (revised with PE)

Looking at it again, I would make those outside bands around the God’s Eye Diamond  brighter, possibly the orange of the “sun,” or maybe the pale yellow glow around it.

What do you think?

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