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  • Carol Wiebe

Obstructed View

We have a beautiful gate at the entrance of our back yard, created for us by a very talented friend.

I looked out the window a few days ago, and saw snow hugging the beautiful lines of the gate. It was a stunning graphic effect, begging to be captured in a photo.

But even as I took the photograph, I knew those lines were obscured by the “interference” of other objects. I couldn’t hold up a sheet behind it to block out everything but the gate–my arm just isn’t long enough.

Snow on the gate

When I took the photo into Photoshop Elements, I drew lines and squiggles all over anything I didn’t want in the picture. Then I did my classic copy, flip and line up the mirror images (plus a few other little tricks).

Wheat Triptych

I quite like the result.

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