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Not All Feelings Are Equal


They say no-one is an island, but I feel like one. Her sigh was such a heavy one.

You know I love you, don’t you? It was hard to see her feeling so lonely when he was right there.

I do, she said. But I feel as if I’m not worthy of anyone’s love, that I deserve to be alone.

Then don’t listen to the hateful feelings. He wasn’t sure it was a helpful thing to say, but he was desperate.

What do you mean? She looked him right in the eyes, then.

When loving feelings and hateful feelings are warring inside you, is it really difficult to choose which feelings you should align yourself with?

You’re right, she whispered. Not all feelings are equal. I can reject the bad ones and focus on the good ones. It was a revelation that suddenly seemed obvious.

She was able to let him touch her cheek. He could see by the softness in her jaw that, for this battle at least, she had decided to allow love to be her ally.


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