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No-one Has Asked Me to Clean It Up

Laura Harris describes her 8 x 12 foot studio as having:

paint on the walls, the ceiling, on the curtains and rug, and I love that no one has asked me to clean it up. Music loud, I can’t help but wiggle a bit and I think that movement finds its way into the paintings .  .  . I can see it in the strokes.

I find that “blending of words and bold color” very attractive, even more so after hearing Laura describe her overwhelming sense of connection with the world, and how she translates that feeling into her paintings.

Her best “advice” is that you can’t force your work:

It’s just going to do what it does. And if I force something, then it never works out . . . If I just listen to the canvas and pay attention to the process, and let it do its own thing, it will then become what it’s supposed to be. That sounds sort of out there, but it’s really true.

See Harris’s work On the Horizon, from a  September 2008 show at White Rock Gallery, on the lower mainland region of British Columbia, Canada.   Horizon of Hope and Jade are radiant examples. More of her acrylic jewels are available for viewing on the regular Laura Harris page, such as Under Sapphire, Linen and Blue, or Where the Heart Is.

Eventually, Harris became aware of “a very strong theme” in her painting: a need to connect with people on an emotional level. That yearning materializes as an energy which enlivens the paintings and “really resonates with people” who observe them. I certainly felt it, just regarding them on my computer screen.

Imagine the reverberations if I encountered the real paintings.

Horizon of Hope~by Laura Harris

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