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No matter what, I continue to paint and stitch

I am still working on various journal pages, including this one, which I now call Keep Dancing.

Keep Dancing 1

I inverted the colours, then tweaked them, and did a horizontal flip, so we’ll see how the double page spread turns out.

Keep Dancing 2

My watercolour paints arrived by courier today, so I will be spreading out the Yupo paper very soon. We are having visitors for the weekend, which means uncertainty as to how much time I can spend in the studio. The Yupo is calling to me, and it is best to practice what you learned at a workshop as fast as you can after returning to your own studio. The new techniques are still fresh in your mind, and the turnover time for morphing everything your own way is lessened.

Luckily, I have never been a good copier. I am always stubbornly myself.

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