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New Paper Quilts Are On Their Way!

I am putting the finishing touches on several new paper quilts, which I’ve been working on all at once for my solo show (coming up October 3!). I will be posting the pics very soon.

In the meantime, I discovered an artist named Mai-Liis Chaska Peacock, and she does mixed media assemblage, collage, and art dolls. I am especially taken with her shrines and icon dolls. I found her when I watched The Promise, a video by the amazing Karen Landey of Indie Arts: the DVD Magazine. As I commented on Landey’s site, the video is haunting and dreamlike, evoking emotions of longing and poignancy in the viewer. So lovely!

#mixedmediaassemblage #KarenLandey #artdolls #collage #shrines #MaiLiisChaskaPeacock #Icons #ThePromise #icondolls #IndieArtstheDVDMagazine

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