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  • Carol Wiebe

My Studio is Humming!

I am in the midst of writing several articles about paper quilting. Both involve working samples, so my creativity, at this time, needs to be kept under wraps. However, I have a number of clues that may intrigue you: angels, arts, crones, fibre, quilting, and stitch.

If I used them all in a sentence it would go like this:

People often say that babies are close to the angels, having just come from heaven, but crones are getting closer to the celestial realms all the time, and with every fibre of their being are practicing the arts they have acquired to flourish in life, like layers of a quilt that you stitch into a radiant whole.

That sentence may hold meaning, or be absolutely devoid of any, but it was fun to juggle my clues. Stay tuned for further developments: and ART!

Don't be afraid to ask.

Don't be afraid to ask.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. ~Mahatma Gandhi

I am not being glib: having the audacity to ask a publisher to consider your proposal, a gallery owner to contemplate whether they want your work for a show, even putting your art up for sale, all indicate a willingness on your part to learn from public feedback. It means you have joined the brave ranks of those who have enough belief in what they do to share it with others. It means that you have, at least to an extent, quieted the voices of judgement in your own head, and decided to cultivate a confident stance. It means many things, all of them worthwhile.

So go ahead, ask!

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