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My new header, and giving myself another A

I have an interesting floor in my studio. After putting down the sub-floor, we decided to make it our main floor and simply painted it a flat gray. Then my husband challenged me to just go for it, to paint something lively so the floor would have some “zing.” So, I painted swirls, and circles, and blobs, in white. Then I used a black checkerboard stamp, and made little black marks here and there.

It is not a typical floor.

Well, the other day, as I was cleaning up (something I am forced to do when I can no longer find anything), I was about to sweep up a tiny piece of folded watercolor paper, when I noticed it was shaped like an A. This struck me as quite significant, having read the ideas of Ben Zander in The Art of Possibility, so I took a picture of it on my aforementioned floor. I inverted the colors, because it worked better for what I had in mind.

The result is my new header. I have given myself another A.

#serendipitous #BenjaminZander #Floor #subfloor #serendipity #GiveyourselfanA #significant #header #Theartofpossibility

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