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My Home Is My Canvas

My husband has been retired for some time, working valiantly on our house. It has required a great deal of attention: roofing, electrical, plumbing, walls to rip out and replace, insulation, floors to redo and renew, new furnace, new water softener, new air conditioner. It would be accurate and easier to say EVERYTHING has and is being redone. He is a consummate do-it-yourselfer, but it gets tiresome doing it all yourself.

Enter my retirement. I am working on the house as well, but Ted has brought the house to a place where I can do the more decorative elements, play with surface design.

Our entire home is now my canvas. Actually, it is more like a whole raft of canvases.

A challenge, and a joy.

Playing with cord

Here I am adding a celtic design to an interior window trim with cord and hot glue. Then I covered the result with premixed tile adhesive, let it dry and painted the result.

The result is a little “rough” but I am happy with it. If I wanted machine precision, I would have bought window trim.

I have the top section to do yet. It is curved to fit a big rounded window, so that will require quite a few more hours (days) of play, yet.

I am creating these window trim pieces on the front porch, because the glue stinks. People comment that I have so much patience, to which I reply:

“No, this is fun. What requires patience is housework.”

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