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My Contribution

I was so excited when Kelli Nina Perkins first asked me to contribute some pieces for her book, Stitch Alchemy.

Now that it’s out, I can finally post my contribution:

Sweet Pea

SWEET PEA is just that, a quilted and stitched version of pea pods and tendrils, suggesting precious sustenance. The plant is rooted in the ground, but I have given it wings: an artist's prerogative!

15.75 in.

HOME is about dreams, imagination, music, and light in the windows. But a crow flies over the roof, and there is no visible door on the house. X's and O's suggest hugs and kisses (love), but there is also a Y, which intimates questions, ambiguity. Nothing is ever as simple as 1, 2 , 3.

11.25 in.

DRESS evokes femininity, and innocence: the dress is translucent, and white, with a lacy edge. The butterfly wings allude to new life, which females are able to bring forth. But the dress is also "stained," and the crimson streak running from the hem to the female pelvis below, alluding to the fact that once a woman has given birth, she is no longer considered chaste., with its multitude of meanings.

10 in.

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