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My Color Bookshelf 2

I have four books by Joen Wolfrom. This woman is nothing short of amazing. When she senses a lack in her knowledge of something, she completely immerses herself in the subject. She goes after information with the tenacity of a bulldog on the hunt for a bone, and then she shares the meal. Her insights provide any number of “aha” moments. Let me give you just a few inspiring quotes from each book:

The Magical Effects of Color by Joen Wolfrom

The Magical Effects of Color by Joen Wolfrom

When creating, give color and all its idiosyncrasies as much latitude as you would a child. Allow time and patience for your color sense to grow: allow color freedom of spirit, so that it may not feel too controlled;have courage to embrace it again, and again . . . even when it doesn’t live up to your expectations or do as you had planned. Color is fluid and spontaneous; it does best under these conditions. If you allow yourself time to form a personal relationship with color, you will be able to create art that floats in your mind and sings in your soul.  (The Magical Effects of Color, p. 9)
The Visual Dance by Joen Wolfrom

The Visual Dance by Joen Wolfrom

Joen advises that if we ignore the importance of design, “we leave the visual success of our work to chance.” The elements and principles of design are sometimes considered “dry and uninteresting.” However, you can think of them another way, as a “family of intriguing personalities.”

Each one performs a unique role. And it, it is your responsibility to determine which element plays the leading role, which one is cast in a supporting position, and which one has only a trivial part in each of your creative endeavors.

To add to the fun, the “roles of these design elements change with each quilt you create.”  (The Visual Dance, p. 11)

Color Play by Joen Wolfrom

Color Play by Joen Wolfrom

I began to see the subtle color changes in shadow and highlights and became aware of how nature uses color in both luminosity and luster. I found myself passionately excited about the fantastic posibilities of creative color play. I became more aware of how emotions, energy, and personality are highly affected by color. (Color Play, p. 9)

Visual Coloring by Joen Wolfrom

Visual Coloring by Joen Wolfrom

It was a profound awakening for me to realize that knowing colors and seeing colors were two different concepts. I was startled to find that my mind had been working in color assumption mode for as long as I could remember. it was then that I decided to seriously train my eyes to really take note of the colors I saw and and to stop making color assumptions that relied on color labeling, which is easy but not very accurate.

Janet Wickell, from, describes Visual Coloring this way:

Empowerment is a strong strong word, but I wholeheartedly believe this book provides it. Following the author’s advice will eliminate your color woes and increase your confidence by leaps and bounds.

So you see that I am not the only one who is indebted to Joen for her phenomenal contribution to artists who really want to understand how they can match what their physical eyes are seeing to the glowing picture they have in their mind’s eye.

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