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  • Carol Wiebe

More weekly quilts . . .

That’s my ‘baby’ sister on these two quilts . . . I love this picture of her. She’s absolutely focused on, and fascinated by, the shells on the beach spread out before her.

I also need to give some design credits here. A while back, I was working in my studio with my beautiful and talented niece, Jessica. Her theme was water, and we were painting fabrics. I don’t remember any more, for certain, which were hers and which were mine, but I do believe that the waves and water droplets on these pieces originated with her. In any case, Jessica is always inspiring company. The woman on the beach happens to be her mother . . .


By the sea 1

By the Sea 1 17.25″ x 9″


By the Sea 2

By the Sea 2 18.5″ x 9.25″

#Bytheseasea #makingweeklyquilts #sister #Artquilt #mixedmedia #starfish

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