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More Than I Can Use In a Single Lifetime

Even the back of a stitched piece, which is just stitces on white paper, offers many possibilities for play.

And, as always, every one that I create can be used as a collage paper, or stitched applique for further works. They can also be painted on, slashed, burned, ripped and re-stitched, stenciled over, stamped on ~ you get the idea, I know you do. I have already made more of these than I can use in a single lifetime, and the fever has still not subsided. Unfortunately, a stash is tough to relocate after reincarnation.

I took the backs from yesterday’s post, and tweaked them a bit:

Mag painting 1 back 2

Mag painting 1 back 3

Mag painting 2 back 4

Mag painting 2 back 6

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