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More Maggie Grey, Please

It all started when the book Raising the Surface with Machine Embroidery first jumped out of an ad and into my consciousness. I had to have it–no checking it out from the public library first to make sure it was worth it. And was it worth it? Yes, a thousand times yes. Then came Paper, Metal and Stitch. Was I satiated? No, I had to have the CD, which I found at a stitching show in Toronto (I think the woman manning the booth was quite startled by my shopper’s war cry when I nabbed Paper & Beyond). Then I subscribed to Workshop on the Web, her online mag. And the latest, Stitch, Dissolve, Distort in Machine Embroidery only whet my appetite further. The hilarious thing is, I’m not into embroidery that much. My repertoire consists mainly of the running stitch and whip stitch, with a smattering of french knots now and then. Not exactly extensive. But Maggie is daring, and prolific, and has such a magnificent aesthetic. OK, it sounds like I’m really going over the top, here. But poke your nose into any of her books and tell me she isn’t the Queen of Stitchdom!

So imagine my delight when I found out she started a blog in June of this year–where has my mouse been? I thought I had trained it so well! So, dear reader, feast your eyes, without the price of the books. You’ll be putting in an order soon . . .

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