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More drafts than posts, and other Silverspring Studio trivia

In my four years of writing on Silverspring Studio, I’ve published 409 posts (today is the 410th).

I have 776 drafts that I have not, as yet, published.

Right now, I am totally fixated on Carol Wiebe Wonders Out Loud. I put something up EVERY DAY. That is what my gut is telling me to do ~ which usually means that I do not saunter over to this blog (alright, it’s only a click) and conceive another post (which sounds pretty sexy, but usually means a few hours of writing and re-writing as well as hunting down pics, links, etc.). I love doing it, but rather than try to do both, I am making more art.

If you are reading this, and decide to join me over there, do not read the emails you receive. Rather, click immediately on the post title and go to my blog, because my trigger happy finger always hits publish before I have finished all my changes. I always have changes.

The style of writing there is faster, looser, shorter than I developed here. It’s really a way to document what I do ~ the unvarnished, day to day struggle and privilege of how I live my artistic life.

This blog, for now, will be reserved for those really big stories and feelings and introductions to artists that sweep me away. At such times, putting the experience into words helps to ground me.

Inner Flower

Now, I have to get today’s pics in place over there!

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