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Money Is No Option

At least that’s how I act when at a vendor’s mall, as the one I attended today proved once again.

I bought some lovely new books, including Maggie Grey‘s latest, Mixed Media: New Studio Techniques, which is as yet unavailable even on Amazon. Buying the book gives you access to free online classes!

The co-author is Isobel Hall (see author write-ups here), who has written some very useful books for anyone who loves working with paper  (Bags with Paper and Stitch and Embroidered Books: Design, Construction and Embellishment). Her textures and color sense are impeccable.

After being exhausted by shopping (which also included some beautiful yarns and notions), I sat down, put my feet up, and sewed the remaining motifs of the crocheted fronts I am working on. I am now starting on the back.

Orange crochet fronts

I imagine a big button, quite low, where the two fronts overlap.

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